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Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

    Pakistan's official information bank. Includes discussion of the operations of the branches of government, including the judiciary.

Board of Investment

    Valuable information source for anyone interested in, or providing advice with respect to, business investment in Pakistan. Details of investment and sector policies, descriptions of the Board of Investment's match making and facilitation services, frequently asked questions, and contacts to assist the investor in building a business network in Pakistan.

Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry

    The Chamber's primary aim is to promote, encourage and safeguard the interests of the private sector in Pakistan and to serve as a bridge between the business community and the government. Provides financial and economic market data as well as contacts with trade promotion organizations and commercial service providers.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Latest news by way of press releases, statements and briefings by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Pakistan - The New Business Frontier

    Offers the entrepreneur facts, contacts and links to explore investment opportunities of Pakistan.

Privatisation Commission

    The Privatisation Commission is entrusted with selling the Federal Government’s assets, such as shares in banks, industrial units, public utilities, oil and gas companies, transport companies, and infrastructure service providers.

The Application of Islamic Law in the English Courts.

    Noel Coulson Memorial lecture (Cambridge University) for 1995 by His Honour Judge David Pearl.

Government of Sindh.

    Official web site of the province of Sindh, which is an amalgam of various sub-continental and middle-eastern cultures making up approximately 22% of the population of Pakistan.

Doing Business in Pakistan

    Provides pointers on how to develop relationships with business partners, learning the appropriate protocol and business etiquette and tips on how to negotiate.

Lahore High Court.

    Outline of the trial, appellate, supervisory and extraordinary jurisdiction of the High Court. Primary efforts of the court involve extraordinary/prerogative writs.

Labor Law in Pakistan

    Outlines in summary form the law relating to labor. Enacting legislation is one thing, enforcing it another. Child labor is of particular concern.

Islam and Fundamental Rights in Pakistan

    The case of Zaheer-ud-din v. The State and its impact on the fundamental right to freedom of religion.

The Law Programme

    A unique and innovative approach to law making - using extensive public consultation in the drafting process. An example is the Pakistan Environment Act finally approved by the Federal Cabinet in 1996. Work has also begun on the formulation of a federal level Pakistan Wildlife Policy and the subsequent drafting of legislation based on the policy.

Human Rights Watch

    Extensive discussion of rape, domestic violence, gender bias in the criminal justice system, inappropriate police activities, inadequate investigative tools and much more.

Advanced Legal Studies Institute.

    The Institute was established in 1997 to promote research in Islamic law and the laws prevailing in Muslim countries, especially in Pakistan. Is a data base from which documents in this area of research may be freely downloaded.

    Seeks to assist lawyers, advocates, solicitors, tax-practitioners, law students and the general public with respect to various aspects of law.

Law Library of Congress.

    Extensive collection of material relating to Pakiston, including the constitution, legislative and juricial brances of government and much more.

Muslim Family Law in Pakistan

    Site maintained by Muslim Woman's League, a nonprofit American Muslim organization seeking to implement its view of the status of women based on the values of Islam. Argues the need for reinterpreting the Quranic law and codifying it to suit modern needs.

U.S. Commercial Service - Pakistan.

    Provides advice, information on Pakistan market, Pakistani contacts, and advocacy services to the entepreneur interested in doing business in Pakistan. Provide export counseling.

Sale of Goods Act, 1930

    Links to formation, performance, breach and enforcement of the contract.

State Bank of Pakistan

    Choose downloads for the Banking Companies Ordinance of 1962 and State Bank Regulations.

Pakistan Law InfoBase

    Am effort to classify the law of Pakistan into fifty-four subjects, the titles of which are not established officially but are for convenience only. Most of the fifty-four classification contain sub-classifications, which are accessed by links.

Islamic Banking InfoBase

    Islamic banking law, at present, has been classified into seven titles, each of which is discussed on this site. shown below.

Islamic Law InfoBase

    The Institute was established in 1997 to promote research in Islamic law and in the laws prevailing in Muslim countries, especially in Pakistan. Documents in these areas of research may be freely downloaded. Most of the material is based on public documents.

Eradication of Corrupt Business Practices Ordinance

    Text of the ordinance which focuses exclusively on the Independent Power Producers (IPPs), and is designed to compel IPPs to reduce the power tariff agreed with the last government. The text of this highly controversial law is reproduced herein below. Perhaps a model for California and the western states in dealing with price gouging by independent power producers.

National Arbitration Laws

    Translation provided by Jamil & Jamil, Barristers-at-Law, Karachi, Pakistan.

Sharia Law in Pakistan

    A speech by Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad delivered 2 February, 1995.

Banking Law

    Discussion of the ongoing dispute over whether interest payments should be deemed as violative of Islamic Law. The issue was last presented by Sharif's move to make the Islamic sharia code Pakistan's "supreme law" through a constitutional amendment.

The Centre of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law .

    The Centre of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law web site provides resources for the academic study of sharia and contemporary law in the Islamic and Middle Eastern world .

The Ethics of Disagreement in Islam.

    Provides insight into the Muslim art and etiquette of agreeing to disagree and thus becoming more capable of dealing with potentially divisive situations and issues. A must for the non-Muslim preparing for Pakistani negotiations, alternative dispute resolution or litigation.

The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

    Conveniently indexed HTML version, made available by Stanford University, Palo Alto, California.

Pakistan Law Firms.

    A listing of approximately 60 Pakistani law firms assembled by the Hieros Gamos legal site.

Governments on the WWW - Pakistan.

    Helpful overview of the Pakistani governmental structure and other useful data.

Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

    Organization of the SEC together with the text of the SEC Act 1947.

Association for Pakistan Studies - Observations of Iftikhar H. Malik.

    An effort to focus on Pakistan's involvements in multiple and interlocking themes including Islam in South Asia, Muslim identity formation, nation-building, ethnicity, state formation and geo-politics.

British Council in Pakistan.

    The British Council in Pakistan connects people with learning opportunities and creative ideas from the UK. Seeks to build lasting relationships between Pakistan and the UK. .

Jurist World Law Page on Pakistan.

    Academically related site providing a brief outline of the history of Pakistan commencing with the success of Muhammad bin Qasim in laying down the foundations of Islamic rule in India in 712. A number of links to law school sites and pages.

Chan Robles Virtual Law Library - Pakistan.

    Links to government sites.

The Pakistan Judiciary.

    Explanation of the Pakistan judicial system followed by a number of related links.

Corrupt Business Practices Ordinance.

The text of this law is reproduced by a Karachi firm of advocates. The pleasingly constructed site offers other useful information.


Banking & Finance
Global Banking Law Database - Pakistan

International Money Laundering Information Network - Pakistan

Bankruptcy Law
InsolvencyAsia: Pakistan Insolvency Regime

Case Law
Law & Lawyers, Pakistan
Requires subscription.

Constitutional Law
The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Country Profile
South Asia World

Courts and Procedure
Lahore High Court

Supreme Court of Pakistan

Donors, International NGOs & Organisations
The Asia Foundation - Pakistan

Human Rights
Human Rights Commision of Pakistan

The Asia Foundation - Pakistan

Institutions in the System
Human Rights Commision of Pakistan

Pakistan Law Commission

Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Law in India, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan

Internet Law
The Internet Under Surveillance

Labour Law
Labor Law in Pakistan

Law Reform
The Asia Foundation - Pakistan

International Money Laundering Information Network - Pakistan

Law & Lawyers, Pakistan
Requires subscription.
Provides legal resources for lawyers, advocates, other legal professionals, businessmen, students and individuals. Legal resources at Pakistanlawyer.comĂ‚® includes statutes, case laws, search benefits, legal news, free legal opinions, law directories, dictionaries and community forums.

Pakistan's Legislative History

WorldLII Legislation: Pakistan

Asia Times Online - South Asia

Non-governmental Organisations
NIRA's World Directory of Think Tanks

Politics/Economics and Law
South Asia Monitor

South Asian Studies

Religious Intolerance in Pakistan







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